Positive Input Ventilation - Frequently Asked Questions


What is a PIV ventilation system?

A Positive Ventilation (PIV) System creates a fresh living environment by continuously supplying filtered air into the property.
If you are having problems with damp and condensation click here


How is the PIV Installed?

The PIV System has a main unit typically located in the loft or a cupboard with ducting routed through the house to a valve on the ceiling.


Will this system heat my property?

No, this is not a heating system this is a ventilation system. As the unit may be located in the loft space which is hotter during the summer months you may find some heat is redistributed throughout the house but this will not heat a home. A Summer bypass normally comes as standard on MVHR machines, so in summer months the heat is not distributed. 


What is the warranty of a PIV unit?

The warranty of the units depends on the manufacturer. Please call us on 01233 665107 to find out


Can this system be installed in an existing property?

Yes,this system can easily be installed in both new build and existing properties, as the duct runs are not intrusive. This system is better to be installed within an existing property as it uses the existing airflow to redistribute the air.

An MVHR System is better for a new build property as it will be airtight.



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