LED Lighting - Frequently Asked Questions


What is LED lighting?

A LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a device that emits light energy when an electrical current Is passed through. LED's can be used for a wide range of lighting accessories.


Are LED Lights cost effective?

Yes, LED lights are a cost-effective lighting solution. The cost of the bulbs is initially more expensive but the extra cost is covered within one or two years. Using LED lights will significantly reduce your electricity bills. Standard incandescent lights will last approx.1000 hours and an LED light will last approx. 100,000 hours.


What colours do LED lights come in?

LED lights are available in a variety of colours such as; red, blue, green, orange and red. The standard white lights come in three types; Warm white, Natural White and Cool White.


Can LED Lights overheat?

It is highly unlikely for an LED light to overheat as the LEDs emit lower temperatures compared to incandescent lights.


Can LED's be dimmed?

Yes, in conjunction with the correct accessories LED lamps can be dimmable.


How bright are LED's?

LED lamps vary in brightness, starting from less than 50 lumens up to approx. 1200 lumens.


How do I change my lights to LED's?

We recommend speaking with a qualified electrician for a quote to replace lighting to LED's.


Are LED's Eco Friendly?

LED's are Toxin free and energy efficient. They consume 6-8watts in contrast to the 60w required for standard incandescent lights. By replacing existing lights with LED's, a home can reduce its carbon footprint by up to 90%.


Will LED's turn on immediately?

Yes, LED lights will not require time to warm up therefore will turn on immediately.


Can LED bulbs fit into my existing light fittings?

On most occasions, Yes. Although there is a number of halogen spotlight fittings that will not fit LED's, therefore we recommend checking with the manufacturer or a qualified electrician.


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