Boiler Control - Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Energy Saving Boiler Control?

An Energy Saving Boiler Control is a central heating boiler management system, compatible with most domestic boilers (Commercial options are available) including combis, condensing and back boilers using natural gas, oil or LPG.


Will this system save me money?

As this system is saving energy consumed by the boiler this should also save you money on your energy bills.


How long does it take to install?

Installation takes a little over an hour to be carried out by competent electrician.


Will this affect my hot water and heating?

No, there will be no change to the comfort level within your home or the availability of the water and temperature


How do I use the Energy Saving Boiler Control?

This is an automated system, so once the installation and set up has been completed by the electrician it will not require any use. Many Energy Saving Boiler Controls have indicator lights located on the front, these can mean different things. If you are worried about an indicator or are unsure then please call the installer and they will explain.



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